PrayerRequest and PraiseReports-June 30, 2020

Those friends and families of Linda Stoltzfoos opened a support page in hopes of finding her the link is below
It is said that
difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations
In hope that somehow this one will as well Support page
  • Continuing PrayerRequest for the Amish teen who went missing on Father’s Day June 21, 2020 my heart is very heavy and personal over this I shall be doing very fervent prayer on this request as it’s been almost two weeks already and still no sightings of her
  • PrayerRequest For the father, and families affected by Linda’s disappearance to ease their thoughts and quiet their minds to remain in positive of powerful prayer and not the image of fear,stress, deceit and anxiety of Satan may they find peace in Christ and comfort and hope in friends of wisdoms and the protection of God
  • PrayerRequest for the Amish community who may be questioning their own faith over this event of happening and those in the community whom it has affected
  • PrayerRequest that in the midst of all negatives within the situation that there are positives that could be shared to bring others to Christ

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