PrayerRequests and PraiseReports- October 31,2020

World Council Of churches Earthquake Turkey
  • PrayerRequest for all pastors as this is pastor appreciation month
  • Prayer Request from Church of the Brethren “Sharing a prayer request from our ecumenical partners at the World Council of Churches”
  • PrayerRequest for Pastor Luke who has been self quarantined at home but is now in the hospital unable to breath with Covid who was wanting to stay out of the hospital but has now been admitted with bad trouble breathing as well as he has heart issue and pacemaker
  • My fiancé Shane lives states away from me so we can already not be together he was born with a backwards heart and he has this sickening Covid has been having trouble breathing and it causing extra stress on his heart, he also has cancer and diabetes he has been in the hospital now at least 3-4 weeks the Covid caused him to get a collapsed lung he is really fighting they re expanded the lung but it still needs to heal prayers would be much appreciated as I wish I could be there and do more. Shane wanted me to thank everyone for all your prayers he is very grateful it means so much to him with his condition and health issues from the bottom of our hearts we both thank all of you and appreciate the prayers
  • Josiah helps us with the blog work as well and needs prayers as he suffered a stroke and is doing recovery and PT he also could use prayers


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