Prayer Requests and Praise Reports-February 16, 2021

  • Prayer request for Pastor Isaiah Bradley and family as he lost his uncle Monday
  • Prayer Request for Frank Charles Smith who’s uncle passed away last night and was very close with him that it hurts him
  • Prayer Request for Brenda Compton‘s 9 month old granddaughter who has a double ear infection.
  • Prayer Request for Tina Boyle Arobone who’s uncle passed away in his sleep last night
  • Prayer Request For Danielle Simons who is feeling very overwhelmed with current issues and possible rotator cuff injury
  • Prayer Request for John Simons with his spinal chord injury keeps making his blood pressure drop very low and he had to go ti hospital last night but coming home today
  • Prayer Request for Mary Gilmore who may have shingles or just a really painful rash on her
  • Continued Prayers for Joel who is in a coma due to a bad motorcycle accident

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