Prayer Requests and Praise Reports-February 16, 2021

  • Prayer request for Pastor Isaiah Bradley and family as he lost his uncle Monday
  • Prayer Request for Frank Charles Smith who’s uncle passed away last night and was very close with him that it hurts him
  • Prayer Request for Brenda Compton‘s 9 month old granddaughter who has a double ear infection.
  • Prayer Request for Tina Boyle Arobone who’s uncle passed away in his sleep last night
  • Prayer Request For Danielle Simons who is feeling very overwhelmed with current issues and possible rotator cuff injury
  • Prayer Request for John Simons with his spinal chord injury keeps making his blood pressure drop very low and he had to go ti hospital last night but coming home today
  • Prayer Request for Mary Gilmore who may have shingles or just a really painful rash on her
  • Continued Prayers for Joel who is in a coma due to a bad motorcycle accident

PrayerRequests and PraiseReports- November 21, 2020

  • Continued PrayerRequests for Pastor Isaiah
  • PrayerRequests for Shane who is still in the hospital battling many health complications since October 7
  • PrayerRequests for Jennifer who has arthritis and a hole in her knee with fluid also on the knee and is in a lot of pain


PraiseReport for Pastor Luke who has overcome Covid and returning home tonight but still have some side affects to endore

PrayerRequests and PraiseReports- November 12, 2020

  • PrayerRequests for Daniel House for peace of mind and his father who suffered a massive stroke last night and is currently unresponsive
  • ***Update on Christopher*** Update: Christopher is still in a medically induced coma, everytime they try to wean him from life support it triggers his Asthma and he goes back to the same state he was in when he first went in the hospital, he cannot breathe on his own at all, The Dr said it is going to take quite a while, I appreciate all the love and prayers please keep them coming. I’m not sure how much more we can take, I just need my baby well again.-Candy
  • Continued prayers for Christopher
  • Also I need all prayer warriors again and strong , I’m not sure how much more we can take, I just found out this morning my mother, Joanne Fania, has thyroid cancer, so please keep our Family in your prayers, I appreciate all the love and prayers that have been pouring in from everyone, Thank you – Candy
  • PrayerRequests for Shane who has been in the hospitals ice October 7th with COVID and currently remains still in the hospital, although his first COVID test came back negative yesterday his heart has gotten dangerously worse please pray
  • ***Update on Luke*** he also is still in the hospital was also hospitalized for COVID however he is doing better and his first two COVID tests came out negative as well.
  • PrayerRequests for Andrew Rothenberger

Please say a prayer 🙏🏻 tonight

What started out as a fun family afternoon bike ride quickly turned into a pretty severe bike 🚲 accident.

The bike popped out of gear on a race back to our house…and an ambulance 🚑 came and took him to hospital due to the pain and shortness of breath…

He has 6 fractured ribs,
a broken collarbone
And a punctured chest laceration

Please, please make sure you & your kids wear your helmet ⛑ —it saved him from head trauma. And a guardian 👼 was watching out for Adelyn since she was attached to his bike 🚴 —she walked away with it a scratch.

  • PrayerRequests for Pastor Isaiah who’s father has been moved to hospice care and he is in a emotional state and stressed

PrayerRequests and PraiseReports- November 10, 2020

  • Continued PrayerRequests for Christopher who is 19 and not having any change in progress still on life support they are transferring him to a more evasive hospital
  • PrayerRequests for Candy his mother for peace of mind and blessings free of stress
Update: Christopher isn’t getting any better so they are sending him to The University of Pennsylvania, please keep prayers coming Candy

A fund account has been created for Christopher’s medical expenses if you would like to help the family